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Asian-Odds.com was officially launched on 1st June 2001 - formed by a group of local Asian bookmaking syndicates with extensive connections to international online bookmakers around the world.  With these backings and support, we are able to provide real-time Asian Handicap Odds for almost all soccer matches!  Within the space of only 6 months from our launching, we have grown to a 9-million hits per month site with over 600,000 visits from all over the world.

While other sites struggle to derive odds from tens of bookmakers and bookies around the world, Asian-Odds.com brings you real-time Asian Handicap Odds right from the heart of Asia itself.  Our Asian Handicap Odds comes from influential and large bookmaking syndicates in South-East Asia.  These are the groups which influence the market patterns and opening odds for almost all Asian Handicap bookmakers around the world.  Recently, Asian-Odds.com has entered into close partnerships with a few of the world's largest and most established bookmakers to bring you Asian handicap odds directly quoted by the bookmaker.

With these unique connections to such organizations, you can be sure that Asian-Odds.com is positioned to be the 1st site in the world to publish Asian Handicap Odds and set the standards that other odds sites will follow.  Some of our staff are actually providing Asian Handicap Odds advice to many online bookmakers in the Americas and Europe.  This is how we add value to your Asian Handicap betting experience!

Asian-Odds.com has recently introduced Asian Handicap Odds tracking, one of the very few in market to offer this service free!  With the generous sponsorships of our advertisers, Asian-Odds.com will continue to keep our site a free-site.  Please visit our sponsors often, help us to help you keep Asian-Odds.com free forever!

The expert picks at Asian-Odds.com are hand-picked by a team of very experienced soccer punters, tipsters and sports writers from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore.  Combining more than 50 years of soccer betting experience, we are now able to provide viewers with the real insiders tips on Asian Handicap soccer betting.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to providing you the fastest and most accurate Asian Handicap Odds on the Net!  Asian-Odds.com - the ONLY place for Asian Handicap Odds!

Vincent Lee, General Manager
Email: vincent@asian-odds.com


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